Studies Program in Economics and Development Studies University of Malang is one of four courses in the program of study at the Faculty of Economics, University of Muhammadiyah Poor. vision, mission and objectives of the program refers Studies Faculty and University. Competency-based curriculum that is formulated to achieve the target of vision, mission and purpose is. The organizational structure of the course consists of the Chairman and Secretary-study program that has elements of implementing a program of study is the Head of the Laboratory, Coordinator Interests / concentration, effort Library, Coordinator of Research & Community Services and Administration.

Number of faculty courses as many as 31 people (consisting of 23 people Lecturer Permanent Study Program, and 8 people Lecturer non-permanent). Based on his education consisted of one person of Professor, Doctor of 6 people (5 men and 1 permanent non-permanent lecturers, 24 people graduated from stratum 2, with the number of active students in the academic year 2007/2008 as many as 320, the ratio of faculty and students is 1: 10.

The atmosphere is very conducive to academic self-owned facilities and all activities of teaching and learning process (PBM) went smoothly. Facilities and infrastructure is complete, thus greatly affecting the activities of the PBM. Lecturers who mengampu courses according to their respective fields and have adequate experience, so that the implementation of strategies and methods of teaching is good. Students actively take part in lectures and intra-and extra-campus activities.Academic evaluation system has been made through the Academic Quality Control Board (BKMA)Muhammadiyah University of Malang and Studies Program.

Recruitment of new students is done through a good system is to be a written test Academic Potential Test (TPA) and the English language and test interview. Recruitment is done under control of the Technical Unit Admissions (UPT-PMB) University of Malang. However, the issue of new students Development Economics courses tend to decline.

Research activities of faculty and students have many, well-funded university, Higher Education institutions as well as from other agencies. Seminar and published research results through scientific journals and . Community service activities are also good, well-funded by internal UMM, Higher Education and co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Affairs.

In order to improve services to stakeholders, the study program of Economic Development to use information technology facilities provided by the university, namely in the form of internet and intranet access. Through Internet access, we have performed the centralized management of the academic administration with program management Academic Administration (MAA) . By using the MAA academic administrative services could be improved. There was also a digital library facilities to facilitate the search for scientific information from multiple sources colleges who are members of Indonesian Digital Library Network (IDLN).

In realizing the vision, mission and objectives of the study program of Economic Development, the strategies implemented are:

  1. Develop optimal laboratory department in order to produce quality graduates who are competent and excel in the field kompetetif Industry and Banking and Development Planning.
  2. Continuous improvement of teaching-learning activities through the development and evaluation of curriculum, teaching methodology development and utilization of multimedia-based learning and academic quality and reliability of measurements of the quality assurance of academic quality.
  3. Increased student capability through the development of entrepreneurial skills, and fluency in English improvement, intensify co-korikuler activities and increasing involvement in regional events, national and international scientific activities.
  4. Enhance the capability and commitment of staff / faculty academic education through innovation and increased scientific competence through enhanced research and public service performance, laboratory performance majors as well as further studies.
  5. Strengthen the performance of laboratory and library facilities to support the strengthening of professional expertise in the banking industry as well as planning and development.
  6. Improve the quality of a student with inviting, sending qualified students on a variety of events, both regionally and nationally.
  7. Improve and enhance the academic skills of professionals with an adequate bring in technical assistance, conducted a series of workshop conferences, seminars and workshops and increasing number of media publications.
  8. Increase the relevance of strengthening collaboration between the Department of Economics and Development Studies with the private sector and other sectors through the development of professional activity, on the job training, training activities together and continuing education alumni.
  9. Actively and progressively seek external funding sources in order to increase the effectiveness of the quality of learning and research faculty who collaborate with external agencies, as well as engage students in a number of faculty research and service.

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